There are many great parks run by Suffolk County. Parks have provided a great relief to many during the 2020  COVID Pandemic. Hiking provided a great way to safely enjoy the outdoors, away from traffic and sheltered in the serenity of nature.

The link here will bring you a complete list of Suffolk Parks and directions and descriptions of each. I'm sure you will find one near you. Below we will review the ones close to us that we are taking an interest in and leading hikes.  


One of our meandering discovery hikes crossing existing non marked trails between RCM County Park and the Otis Pike State Park. 

The RCM County Park is the county's first natural park, yet there is no proper entrance or parking. You will not find it using the County's directions. It is a very large property,

It is a wonderfully hidden property in the heart of the Pine Barrens and the headwaters of the Peconic River. The area has one marked and maintained trail that travels through it. That is the Paumanok Path, also known as the Pine Barrens Trail.

There are many unmarked and not maintained paths that don't really go anywhere.

Peconic Pathfinders is in the process of finding, mapping and maintaining these paths and opening them up for guided group hikes. We are searching for ways to connect the unmarked trails and are proposing a well mapped out network of a marked and maintained trail system.

You can join Peconic Pathfinders on a guided hikes in the Robert Cushman Murphy County Park. We are working on several north-south paths connecting the Veteran Memorial Pedestrian Path to the Paumanok Path, much of which is in the RCMCP Property, and west to East from Brookhaven to Manorville and Calverton.

Calverton Ponds.jpg

Calverton Ponds has a short trail that is marked and maintained by the Nature Conservatory. There are older, grown over trails that we would like to cut back, mark and maintain. 


Across from the entrance on Old River Road, there is an old trail going south, crossing a stream that we have cut back and cleared as it is part of the RCM Property and can be used as a connector to the Paumanok Path. 

We have conducted many hikes and runs in Indian Island County Park, The Pine Barrens Trail Center, Manorville Hills, The Brookhaven Trail and the entire Paumanok Path that links many County Parks from Ridge to Montauk.