Walk, Run, Bike and Hike in Riverhead!

Riverhead Parks and Recreation is working on new programs to encourage beginning and experienced walkers, runners and bikers. . We are getting back to basics. We walk, run and bike for our health. We are concerned about our environment and our safety. That is why we are supporting Riverhead's Veterans Memorial Path in Calverton. The "Path" is a paved pedestrian path, separate from the roads for your safety and tick free as long as you stay on the path. 

LIRunning is working with Riverhead Parks and Recreation, providing programs for runners, walkers and bikers. We are planning a Riverhead Athletic Club, training on the Veterans Path and events.

Hike and Run Peconic Trails 

Great for Hikers too. We are in the process of forming  Peconic  PathFinders

Open to all hikers and runners.  Your membership fees will go into a special fund devoted to LI Trail Preservation and management and in creating new trails. Our newsletter will keep you updated on trail projects, hikes and runs. 

Peconic Pathfinders on Facebook

"EPCAL" Town Map
Veterans Memorial Park
Rt. 25, Calverton
It all Starts Here!

Join RRAC First and then Peconic Pathfinders for half price.
Join the Peconic Pathfinders for a hike into the Pinebarrens 12:00 Noon
Register for Peconic Pathfinders Here! 
Events all day!

It's been great to see the interest growing on our new club, events and programs.  

We welcome all our local club, groups and friends to join us in new events, and programs every Sunday and Wednesday. Run, walk, hike and bike with us as we expand our programs. We are pleased to see many members and friends from all over Long Island.
Follow us and share with us on our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/islandrunningclub


Invite your friends to join us and Start here:

If you haven't joined, you can still sign up for Membership, Events and Programs:

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