1) Register at https://peconicpathfinders.itsyourrace.com/

2) Participate at the place and time of your choice.

3) Record your participation below:

Social Distancing Run/Walk/Hike 
Virtual Event
We Will Survive! 

Any Place, Any Time, Any Distance

These are difficult times. It is important for your health and safety to follow the rules set forth by our local governments out of an abundance of caution! Better safe and healthy, than sorry and sick. 

It is especially important that we get outside, in the sun and exercise for our physical and mental health.


Step 1
You must join the Peconic Pathfinders Club and sign the waiver to participate!

Members participate for $5
New Members join and Participate for $20
Those who have joined the Riverhead Recreation Athletic Club (RRAC) can join Peconic and participate for $10
Register for the event and sign the waiver.
Do not participate if you are not feeling well or think you may have been in contact with someone who has been infected. You must self-quarantine until tests are available.


Step 2
Run, Walk or Hike in small groups. Anywhere, anytime, and distance. Keep it off road, pedestrian path, trail or park!
Stay 6 feet apart at all times! Take all precautions! Carry disinfectant wipes. Don’t touch anything or anyone!

Take Pictures! Post on our Facebook page. Peconic PathFinders or Island Running


Step 3
Fill out a participation form to the right.>>>>>>>>>>

Participate any day of the week. Have your forms in by 9PM Sunday.
We will do this every week until we can end social distancing and then we will have a championship live event with hugs! Each week you enter you will get a point!  

Participant Data

To submit your participation, please take the time to fill out the information below.

4) Take Pictures! Share your participation on our Facebook page at Peconic PathFinders or Island Running

5) Be Well! We Will Survive!

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Virtually Anywhere

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