Issue #1: Introduction

Everyone is on different levels of health and fitness. I will address all levels in my newsletters, articles and blogs. Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle that you are either considering or working on or are active in. No matter what your level is, you should know, that it will always be a work in progress. There is no magic bullet. It is a lifetime commitment to be healthy and fit. You have a life. Things to do. You have a job, perhaps a family to support. People depend on you. You are busy. You are important. People depend on you. You can’t do it without your health. You need to make your health your number one priority. Plus, you will be better in everything you do when you are healthy and fit.

Let me tell you a little about me. When I was in my mid-thirties, someone took a picture of me sitting with some friends in the back yard, beer in hand, spare tire around my waist. I did not look good. “That can’t be me!” In high school I was on the track team, swam and road my bike 17 miles to school. How did I get so out of shape?  I was lucky. I caught it before it did too much harm. I needed to do something about it. I joined a gym. I went to the bookstore and bought a bunch of books about diet and exercise. We didn’t have the internet back then. I talked to people at the gym and in three months, I did my first triathlon. I got involved. Before long, I was helping others. I helped at races, I got a job at a running store and I was even a personal trainer for a while.

Through the years I got so busy working, I forgot to take care of myself. The belly was back and I had an episode. I hadn’t been to the doctors in years. Nothing serious, just a scare. High cholesterol and high blood sugar, that can’t be me. I’m a runner! Was a runner.

So I’m rethinking. I’m working on it. I’m making health and fitness my number one priority.

So here I am. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of attention to health and fitness. There was the running boom and aerobics, yoga. Now there’s cross fit. That’s all great. Why are there still so many people out of shape and unfit? What can we do? What can you do?


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