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Since 1994 

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"LIRunning.com was founded and maintained by Robert Anastasio as a labor of love and for the main purpose of giving back to his sport. I've watched from a far (a far way back) as Rob won races. I've watched while leading a race with a camera crew as he and Bob Nugent battled it out at the Southampton 8K back in (I'm guessing) 1994. Nugent won that one, but Rob made him work for it. I've followed from the middle of the pack in many "Ralph Runs" ( Ralph Epifanio, Islandwide Runner) and helped Ralph with his races. Those were the days!" - Bob Beattie

The internet was in its infancy back then. Bob Beattie founded the East End Road and Trail Runners Club (EER&TRC) with a mailed newsletter, while Rob was spearheading LIRunning.com to the internet. When Ralph closed Islandwide Runner, Rob was missioned to continue the cause on the internet,

Bob Beattie started organizing his own races with the EER&TRC in 1994. The club worked with and promoted all events on the East End and in 1995 Bob became a timer. In 1996, club member Charles Pecora computerized the timing operation and we formed Fit Results and expanded our timing to all Long Island. When Charlie passed away in 2013, we were timing 40 races a year.  


Island-Timing was created to incorporate the new RFID chip timing systems. We chose the Innovative Timing Systems after evaluating several other systems. EER&TRC became Island Running, In 2016 we acquired Rob's website, LIRunning.com and incorporated under that name combining all our websites and services on one site to make it easier to find what you're looking for. We can serve Long Island Runners best by providing a full array of top quality race management services for race directors and running clubs. LIRunning works with the most technically advanced companies in the business to provide you with a race management website, online registration, promotion, timing, and results with photos. 


Over the years we have timed and managed over one thousand races. Over ten thousand runners and walkers have crossed our finish line.  LIRunning Inc. works with the race directors and their teams to provide quality races that will last and grow for years to come. We look forward to serving you, the race director, by doing most of the hard work for you and help you provide the runners and walkers with a great running experience.


In 2018, we are expanding our services and marketing area and starting a marketing agency to go beyond running to Health and Fitness, 

Thank you for your support!

Bob Beattie, LIRunning Inc.; HealthFit

LIRunning Inc and HealthFit Today


LIRunning Inc. is a leader in organizing successful running events in the local tri-state area of NY, NJ, CT. Running events provide great visibility and fundraising opportunities for nonprofits. Our professional team does everything from registration and promotion to timing and results.

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Now LIRunning is starting an exciting new program called HealthFit USA. The program is currently being test marketed locally, with plans to expand nationally soon. Are you someone who aspires to be a leader in a new Health and Fitness revolution? If you are a health and fitness professional, contact us about marketing in your communities. 

Introducing the HealthFit Program at LIRunning.com, inspiring people to improve their diet, exercise, walk, hike and run. Sign up for our free newsletters. Participation is for all levels. 

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LIRunning Inc Event Management: We provide a website, for your event with Registration, Promotion, Timing and Results. Long Island, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. LI, NY, NJ, CT.

We team up with Jaguar, Innovative Timing Systems and ItsYourRace to provide you with state of the art RFID Chip timing and live personalized results with photo's.

We promote your race on our newsletters sent to over 15,000 active Long Island Runners plus our facebook groups and pages and create a facebook event and ads for your race. 

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